About Trulie

I am a wife to Mark,

mother of four girls,

daughter of Missionaries,

sister to three siblings,

friend and encourager

pointing people to Jesus.

I love to worship my Creator.  I have every reason to praise Him! 

I am one solitary person wanting “More” of Jesus.  Carefully, prayerfully, humbly hoping~the “wanting more of Jesus” is contagious!  At the end of my life, if all you remember is One thing about me~ I pray it is “She really loved Jesus”, It would make my life worthwhile!

Show me just a glimpse of Your glory, God.  If you can’t show me ALL of You, at least a little!

To All:

Write me and let me know if anything I write impacts you towards Christ!





2 Responses to About Trulie

  1. Stephanie says:

    Hi Trulie!
    Where did you get that beautiful picture of the girl praying on the right of your blog? I love it. Is it published anywhere for sale?

  2. trulie says:

    The picture might be part of a series at certain Christian Bookstores. All have scripture and are sold as either “cards” or prints. I don’t know the artist.

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