Do you hear…?

  The Carols are playing. 

Songs of winter,

songs of children and santa,

and of course, hymns adoring the Saviour come as a babe.

The malls are bustling with shoulder to shoulder shoppers, all “in search” of the perfect gift.  The parade of people, the crunch of time, the kids crying to avoid or begging to see the man in “the red suit.”

The parties, the programs, the baking, the wrapping, the pictures to take, the Christmas cards and packages to mail.  All the busy-ness and running this way and that.  Traditions and entertaining.  Family dropping by invited or unexpected.  Or driving miles for a short visit and making it back before the holiday traffic “standstill”. 

It is noisy. 

There is an overwhelming demand to accommodate each task perfectly and a certain guilt that could overtake you if it is not up to par with Martha Stewart. 

But there’s a “Voice” calling, beyond Christmas songs, Santa’s laugh, parties, or whispers by mistletoe. Many are looking around for The Speaker! 

If you look around, you might sense Someone calling your name.  It isn’t to hard to hear Him, but many things can crowd Him out.  Sometimes His Voice is audible.  Sometimes it comes from an unlikely source, like a line in a movie, that sticks with you. 

God’s voice is still and quiet and easily buried under an avalanche of clamour.
Charles Stanley


But if you take the time, you will realize, deep within you, you hear “Him!”

Listen, my people and I will speak! Psalm 50:7


When you become overwhelmed or underwhelmed over the season, pay attention to the “Voice!”


God wants to speak to you, if you give Him a chance. 





 God goes to those who have time to hear Him– and so on this cloudless night He went to simple shepherds.– Max Lucado



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