Close to THE EDGE

How close will we go to the Edge?I love this sermon illustration.  It really speaks to me regarding my Walk with Christ.

It’s a story about:

“… a man who advertised for a coachman, and
three men answered the advertisement. They all made a good appearance,
and the man was at a loss to know which one to choose.

Finally he hit upon this scheme. There was a road near his house that
ran along the edge of a precipice. The man asked each one of these
coachmen in turn how close he could drive to the cliff without going
over. The first said he could drive within six inches of it; the second
said he could drive within two inches of it. When the third man was
asked he said, “I should keep away from it as far as possible.”

The man said, “You are the coachman I want.”

Do not see how near the fire you can go without getting scorched; don’t
see how near sin you can go without getting caught. It is poor business.
Take this as your motto when you are inclined to tamper with wrong: “Who
eats with the devil needs a long-handled spoon.”
The farther you keep
away from him, the better.”

-Howard J. Chidley

The World can identify a Christian a lot better than some who have been walking with Christ for years.   Why do we seem to take the verse from Paul, “All things are lawful” 1 Cor. 10:23 out of context and use it as a blanket to cover us with in our allowable vices?  All I know is that we need to be closer to Christ. 

I need to be closer to Christ!


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